Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pitbull - The Boatlift

Pitbull's signature combination of clever, in-your-face Spanglish lyrics and frenetic dance beats is at its best on this album, where he plays to his less excessively crude sensibilities. The talented Miami MC shows his range here, deftly transitioning from uptempo dance to R&B to everything in between.

There are some party-perfect club tracks, particularly "The Anthem," a fun hip-shaker featuring Lil Jon, and "Midnight," featuring Casely on the hook. "Fuego," produced by Mr. Collipark and featuring Don Omar, has pleasing retro touches that recall "Planet Rock." Of the slower songs, the best is the refreshingly serious "My Life" ("I apologize, but this game made me a monster/I'm sorry"). The production is top-notch—if you don't mind the 2 Live Crew-ish blue streak, turn it up.

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