Saturday, November 24, 2007


The hip producers (Calvin Harris, Bloodshy & Avant) and heavy-hitting songwriters (Guy Chambers, Cathy Dennis) are all present and correct, but they never overshadow Minogue's perky/ saucy pop/dance formula. You'll search in vain for insight into her recent personal traumas, but there's still plenty of heart and soul and, in the shape of "Sensitized," "In My Arms," "The One" and lead single "Two Hearts," her best batch of tunes in a while. A truly welcome return.

Even after a four-year absence and a courageous battle against cancer, Kylie Minogue's appetite for pop perfection remains undimmed. Indeed, her 10th studio album (due next year in the United States) is stuffed with pointers as to why she's one of the few pure pop artists to sustain a career into a third decade without ever pulling a Britney.

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