Tuesday, October 9, 2007

12 Stones - Shadows

I'd have to say I think 12 Stones were able to pull off an even better album than the first. The first though still has a couple tracks that surpass anything on this album though and that's probably why I still think the self-titled comes close. All around their second release is pretty solid and will please fans of the first record as well as anyone who enjoys modern rock.

You couldn't ask for anything more from 12 Stones. For their second release they stuck with what they do best. If your sick of modern rock this won't do, but If you're like me and enjoy a lot of rock like this then I'm sure you'll find something on this album to enjoy. I liked pretty much every track here. Still, because it doesn't offer a new sound that does hold it back slightly but it still doesn't take away from the music. Hey, if it sounds good, it's good. My favorite tracks would probably be "Shadows", "Waiting For Yesterday", "Bitter", and "3 Leaf Loser".

"Potter's Field" wastes no time pumping things up with the first track "Shadows," an up-tempo roller coaster of a song urging one to get rid of their hate and find their identity. "Don't you want to find your way home again? Just leave your hate behind!" Paul screams in the rolling pre-chorus. "When will you learn to just be you? (Find your own way) When will you learn to follow through? (Make your own way.)" The song's an exciting track and kick-off to the great songs that lie ahead.

12 Stones - Shadows lyrics

Artist: 12 Stones
Album: Potter's Field
Year: 2004
Title: Shadows

Look around and tell me what you see, a place
Surrounded by the hate that hides in the
Shadows inside of you, inside of me, what can we
Ever hope to see if we're not lookng don't you
Want to find your own way home again just leave
Your hate behind

When will you learn to just be you, find your
Own way
When will you learn to follow through, make
Your own way

Looking for something to believe, i find the
Answer starts with me each time i follow inside
Of you, inside of me, what can we ever hope to be
If we're not trying don't you want to find your
Own way home again, just leave your hate behind

Find another way to get inside me
Find yourself
Don't you want to find yoru own way home again
Just leave your hate behind

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