Sunday, May 25, 2008


PARAMORE front woman HAYLEY WILLIAMS has dismissed reports the band is to split - despite cancelling the remainder of their European tour over "internal issues". The 19-year-old singer posted a message, signed by all four band members, on her blog on Thursday (21Feb08) announcing the group needed to take time off to work out their personal problems. But Williams has since updated her blog, insisting her comments were taken out of proportion. She writes, "Since we posted the last entry, we've gotten tons of phone calls and people posting things on Web sites saying that we are breaking up. I just want to make it clear, though... we weren't saying the band was over. We posted because we are going through hard times and we felt that because we have a really good support system in you guys, our fans, it would be better for us to just be honest about what's going on - even though it was a pretty vague explanation." And the flame-haired star has refuted allegations the tour cancellation was caused by her falling pregnant. Williams adds, "Man, some of the rumors that I've heard going around are insane! It's weird how out of hand things can get even when you just try to tell a simple truth (for the record, my Eggo is not preggo). Anyway, we just need to take time to make this band the best it can be... and we are doing that now." A spokesperson for Atlantic Records has confirmed Paramore are still scheduled to tour with Jimmy Eat World in April (08) in the U.S.

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