Sunday, May 25, 2008


U.S. rockers PARAMORE are surprised that their music exerts a pull on elderly fans - but insist older people "are cool". The pop-punk four-piece are surprised their tunes appeal to a more aged market, but credit their younger supporters with bringing their parents along to gigs - and end up becoming fans of the group.

Guitarist Josh Farro tells, "At shows now there’s a lot of an older person. It's cool because we're used to kids our age and mostly younger. But now it's anywhere from 10 years old to 55. But it's cool that people older than my dad enjoy our music."

Drummer Zac Farro adds, "For every five 13-year-old girls, there's a dad with them. And they're like, 'Well, they dragged me to this concert, but I just like it. I'm still gonna be out there singing the words.' We get it all the time. 'I'm not gonna use headphones, because I want to rock out with you guys.'"

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