Saturday, November 24, 2007


Gorillaz' second rarities compilation covers "phase two" of the cartoon-avatar band's career, centering on its second album, 2005's "Demon Days." It's not all killer, but some impressive tracks lurk within.

Opener "68 State" is a sexy, fractured instrumental, propelled by a haunting bassline. "People" is also a great listen; the song is a demo version of "Demon Days" single "DARE," but here it has a completely different lyric and melody, sung by bandleader Damon Albarn (aka 2D) instead of eventual guest vocalist Shaun Ryder. "Hong Kong," originally recorded for a Warchild benefit album, is a different animal: Albarn is at his Blurriest, his voice melancholy yet hopeful as he muses over a river of gently plucked strings. A bonus disc features a host of remixes, including three versions each of "DARE" and "Kids With Guns."

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