Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Alive 2007 DAFT PUNK

Zilch can fairly match the in-person thrills of the current Daft Punk live experience, what with the robot costumes, onstage pyramid and body-rattling beats radiating out into the blissed-out faithful.

Nevertheless "Alive 2007" comes pretty darn close, capturing a hometown Paris audience so jonesing for a Daft Punk fix that it loudly sings along with the synch melody on "Television Rules the Nation."

While it's great to hear the classics ("Da Funk," "One More Time") even if they're not played in full, perhaps the most useful service provided here is the rehabilitation of material from 2005's underwhelming 'Human After All." That album's massive "Robot Rock" proves a perfect table-setter for the dance party to come, while the industrial-strength house of "The Brainwasher" pushes things over the edge.

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