Thursday, October 25, 2007

Paramore latest news, gossip, and trends!

Paramore has practically grown up together, a totally down-to-earth group led by 18-year-old Hayley, whose spunky personality and fab orange eyeshadow we fell in love with. Joined by three (cute!) guys: brothers Zac (17) and Josh (19), and Jeremy (22) -- they formed when Hayley was only 12 years old! And their music has grown up with them. They said the feel of Riot, their new album which just dropped, is much different from past albums, and much more mature. You can get a preview of the hot tunes on their MySpace page at

Hayley was asked what it's like being around three guys constantly. (We admit it -- we're a tad bit jealous!) Hayley said it's more like having three brothers -- they're fun, crazy, and totally protective of her. But she's found the perfect outlet for her girliness, away from the boys -- hair and makeup. She said she loves to have fun doing her makeup and dyeing her hair different colors -- and, judging from her effortless glam look, she's pretty good at it.

It'll be Paramore's third year on Warped Tour, and they couldn't be more pumped. Jeremy described the atmosphere on the tour as circuslike and high-energy. But, while Paramore loves to party and have fun, one thing they won't do is drugs. The whole group was in agreement that drugs are totally not worth it, and we definitely admire them for that.

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